Episode 61

The Throne Behind the Round Table - Trillion Dollar Coach Series - Chapter 2 Part 4

Published on: 15th September, 2022
Sometimes you need to make the hard decision and expect that everyone will rally around it.

We're back after a long summer break with one of our favorite leadership concepts from the Trillion Dollar coach around executive decision-making. Bill Campbell says our job as leaders are to ensure all perspectives get heard and considered when making decisions AND the accountability for the final decision rests on the leader's shoulders. In other words, it's the leader's job to break ties because sometimes the team's direction will align with the leader's directional vision, and others it won't. In our roles as leaders, we have to balance facilitating, enabling, and decision-making.

One thing we can do as leaders to immediately improve our decision-making skills is to create a Decision Journal. You can read more about Decision Journals here: https://fs.blog/decision-journal/

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